Gooseneck Trailers

Lucky “B” Trailers wants to offer one of the best line-ups of gooseneck trailers available! Built by Big Tex Trailers, our gooseneck models include the:

  • 14GN – 15,900 lb. rating.
  • 20GN – 20,000 lb. rating.
  • 22GN – 23,900 lb. rating.
  • 25GN – 25,900 lb. rating.
  • 3XGN – 30,000 lb. rating.

The 20,000 lb. units come with adjustable, unique HD suspension so that if the axles become unaligned they can be re-adjusted easily. The 22GN and larger goosenecks all come standard with crank-style adjustable couplers to make leveling heavy loads simpler.

Trailer Options:

  • Mega Ramps
  • Two Ramp Set Ups
  • Hydraulic Dovetails
  • Center Pops

So take a look at our trailers today and see what works for you.

For more information give us a call at 540-738-2269.
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