Dump Trailers

Lucky “B” Trailers wants provides customers with the most outstanding line-up of dump trailers – Anywhere!

Understanding that trailers are designed to haul your loads successfully, all our dump trailers from Big Tex come standard with:

  • Powder Coating to help resist wear.
  • Tube Side Rails
  • Tarp Holders.

More Standard Features:

  • 14K and above dumps have a tarp included.
  • 10K and above dumps come with shroud to protect tarp.
  • 10K and above dumps have 7’ slide out ramps (8’ on the 25DU).

Our quality dump trailers also have 5 Amp charging plugs equipped to make them easy to use in the field. This allows users to charge their batteries from a simple plug, each and every day. Our trailers also use no-roll formed steel in their ramps to uphold weighty loads.

Give us a call at 540-738-0805 for more information about our dump trailers.
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